We receive packages once per week. On a Wednsday or Friday (Dry goods days), depending on space available.

Cargo scheduled days below:

  • Monday - No Cargo Flight
  • Tuesday - Perishables (no dry goods)
  • Wednesday - Dry Goods
  • Thursday - Perishables (no dry goods)
  • Friday - Dry Goods
  • Saturday - No Cargo Flight
  • Sunday - No Cargo Flight

Once received in Miami and processed into our network, it may take 3-7 business days within normal carrier operations. Cargo delays may be caused for various reasons beyond the our control, please login to view packages status in real-time.

Packages are usually available for pick-up the next day however, it all depends on the Customs clearance process.

Remember to upload your invoices ahead of time to avoid delays.


This means the package has not been delivered to our warehouse as yet, this is common but not limited to USPS postal service, you may need to give it some time for the delivery agent to dispatch the shipment to our warehouse.

The Miami Warehouse opens Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Shipments arriving outside of these hours delivery will be reattempted the next business day by the local delivery agent.


Storage fee is only applied 14days after holding your packages. The storage fee is $1ci per day, per individual shipment, after 14 days, packages/shipments that have the maximum storage applied will become an overdue shipment after 30 days.

It may take 24-48 hours for your package to be processed and updated in the system. If you did not get notified in-app or via email, reach out to our customer care department for assistance.

A customer may at any time during in-store transactions, request a shipment to be re-weighed or its dimensions re-calculated, please note as per our user policy and agreements we cannot honour any request being made if the customer has left the store.



We currently accept Cash, Card, Cheque and Bank transfer. Contact us for more details.

Yes, we can use our credit card to place your online order. Whatsapp your order links to (345) 324-2838 for a quote and pay in-store.

Yes, we do. The phone number to be used when placing your order is 786-353-5995. Please note that this is not the number for customer support, nor is the line monitored.

Firstly, applying your user code or CAY number is very important, please use it going forward with every order online. This number ensures we assign the right package/shipment to the correct customer. 

a) If we aren't able to identify ownership, shipments received will be held until we can assign it to the correct customer. We serve multiple destinations in the caribbean so it is IMPORTANT to always use your CAY#

b)If you feel that you have made an error while making a purchase online with your address, first try to cancel the order and check-out once more. If this is not possible please have the correct documentation ready, including order confirmations and tracking details or proof of purchase (invoices) to substantiate ownership of the shipment.

c) The documents in section b) above will be used by our agents and customer service department to identify if we do have your shipment in our possession and to initiate the claim process.

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