Int'l Shipping Rates

International Shipping Rates from our Doral - Florida warehouse to Cayman.

Int'l Shipping Rates

Shown below are our International Shipping rates up to 10 lbs, including freight charges, processing fees and a pro-rated package tax. Additional LBS from 11 up = $4 each. For more accurate estimates please use our rate calculator. NB. The rates shown are standard rates and does not consider your membership type, discounts or savings applied to your account. All rates shown are estimates and subjected to change without notice.

Weight (LB) Rates (KYD$)
1 $10.5
2 $15.5
3 $20.5
4 $25.5
5 $30.5
6 $35.5
7 $40.5
8 $45.5
9 $50.5
10 $55.5

Shipping Estimates (Air)

Get more accurate costings using our rate calculator.

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